Scholarship support and facility improvements are essential to give the university a competitive edge in attracting students and allowing them to thrive in the classroom and on the field of play.



Sustaining and Building Annual Athletic Commitments

  • Donors have the opportunity to direct annual commitments to any athletic program to support scholarships, equipment, or the program’s greatest opportunity
  • The First 150 Club for Athletics, for donors who give unrestricted gifts of $1,863 or more


Hornet Athletes Summer Academy

  • A scholarship program allowing student-athletes to focus on their academic studies throughout the summer semester enhancing the academic success rate (ASR) while working toward their athletic goals in the offseason


Athletic Facility Enhancement

  • Building and maintaining first-class facilities for a world-class competitive environment


Vision Goal Initiatives

  • End Zone Facility
  • Tennis Facility
  • Student-Athlete Success Center
  • Forever Creating Champions Athletic Scholarships