Campaign Strategy and Ways to Give

Now & Forever: The Campaign for Emporia State University encourages donors to consider a two-pronged giving strategy to advance Emporia State into its next 150 years. First, we hope donors will consider an annual gift now and second, we hope donors will place Emporia State University into their wills or estate plans, thereby leaving a personal legacy meant to last forever.

We anticipate that Now & Forever will be a five-year fund-raising effort, concluding in 2017.  We encourage donors to consider a five-year pledge period if possible.

The Campaign is comprehensive in nature and will raise private funds not only for campus construction and/or renovation projects but also for scholarships and fellowships, academic programs, student success, and faculty priorities – among other initiatives.  

We encourage donors to gift expendable scholarship and fellowship dollars now to allow Emporia State University to immediately recruit and retain students through a larger pool of financial resources.  We wish to position the University to immediately increase enrollment. The decision to gift expendable dollars rather than endowed dollars, however, rests solely with the donor.

All gifts are appreciated, no matter their size.  Every gift makes an impact.

Every gift is appreciated.  Every dollar counts.

Every donor is appreciated.  Every donor counts.

For those donors considering a gift of $10,000 or more over five years, a term fund might be a possibility which specifies a set period of years to expend the fund to a zero balance. Term funds are also called term endowments depending upon their size and term period. 

The Emporia State University Foundation recognizes that donors are the final decision-makers regarding the best and highest uses of their personal resources and the decision to endow gifts into perpetuity rests solely with them. Many donors view an endowment as a way to leave a legacy and have an impact for generations to come. By definition, an endowment at Emporia State is a gift of $25,000 or more, often funded over five years, and created to last forever with (1) a portion of annual earnings paid to programs and/or scholarships, (2) a portion reinvested into the corpus to maintain its purchasing power over time, and (3) a portion used to pay investment and administration expenses to manage the endowment fund.

Viable and creative options exist for donors to establish endowments which are created to last forever as well as give expendable gifts now should they desire to do so. Donors may consider:

  • A gift of cash of any size now and a planned gift meant to last forever.  
  • A gift of securities or real estate now and a planned gift meant to last forever.
  • An endowed scholarship, fellowship or professorship, funded over five years, in conjunction with an annual expendable supplement to be awarded now.
  • Seed money to advance a Big Idea now as well as an endowment for a scholarship, fellowship or professorship for those students and/or faculty within the program.

For more information about Now & Forever, contact Campaign Manager Carol Cooper at 620-341-6463 or