Embodying Our Values and Building Our Philanthropic Culture

We’re Silent no More!

We must tell our stories of success.  And we must inspire a culture of philanthropy.  Truly, private gifts change lives.

At Emporia State University, every gift is appreciated.  Every dollar counts.

And every donor is appreciated.  Every donor counts.

We use the word ‘gift’ and not ‘donation’ for a reason. Inherent in the word gift is the implication of both a giver and a recipient – in other words, two people.  Conversely, the word donation implies a giver and a charity – the latter (stating the obvious) an object and not a person. Now & Forever: The Campaign for Emporia State University emphasizes the human element of philanthropy. Philanthropy is defined literally as the love of mankind. The ultimate destination of a gift is a person and not an inanimate organization. We deeply understand this principle. Extensive effort will be made to introduce givers to those students and faculty who directly benefit from a donor’s generosity. 

We will always ask our alumni and friends to consider a gift in a spirit of humility. The philanthropic culture of Now & Forever recognizes that each donor’s personal resources belong to them and them alone and the decision to make a gift is a highly personal decision. When someone chooses to give a financial gift, it is a personal statement of belief in the mission and future of Emporia State University.

The following values govern our behavior and practices at the Emporia State University Foundation and are the heart of our philanthropic culture on campus. 

Grateful – We are thankful for every dollar gifted to Emporia State University for the benefit of our students and faculty and, ultimately, for the benefit of our society and communities.

Professional – At all times, we will exhibit behavior becoming of persons entrusted with great responsibility.

Service-Oriented – It’s a great day to be a Hornet. How may we help you?

Hard-Working – We follow a work schedule that gets the job done. We are go-getters and go-givers.

Respectful – We pledge to value you in every single interaction, even when we disagree.  We respect you as a student, donor, alumnus or alumna, faculty member, administrator, colleague or friend.

Competent – We are well-trained professionals exhibiting competencies in fund-raising, asset management, accounting, donor stewardship, planned giving and financial planning.

Trustworthy – We want to earn your trust by keeping our word and doing our very best to be worthy of your faith in us.

Genuine – We desire a long-lasting philanthropic relationship with you and pledge to facilitate this through honest and open communication and stewardship.

Responsive – We won’t let grass grow under our feet. We will respond to your requests in a timely manner and be conscientious to meet or exceed your expectations. We are a ‘yes’ culture.

Industrious – We don’t wait to be told what to do. We know the right thing to do. We are optimistic.  We find creative and win-win solutions to difficult challenges.

For more information about Now & Forever, contact Campaign Manager Carol Cooper at 620-341-6463 or ccooper@emporia.edu.